The Importance of the “Resources” Section

LeadingEdge works hard to produce world-class content for our tech vendor clients, including white papers, product brochures, case studies, explainer videos, research reports, and much, much more. We take pride in our work, taking satisfaction in believe that our clients will achieve a return on their LeadingEdge investment by generating high-quality leads.

Unfortunately, we ‘guestimate’ that one in five tech vendors makes it hard for their prospects to find their promotional content. It’s usually buried at the bottom of product and solution web pages. While LeadingEdge encourages its clients to promote its content throughout product, solution, and other web pages, we also recommend having a dedicated “Resources” section within tech vendor websites.

Now whether you call this section “Resources” or “Resource Library” makes no difference. But make the landing page easy to find by referencing a dedicated hyperlink in your header and footer or referencing it as a sub-menu item in one of your primary menu choices (e.g., Company, Products, Solutions). The following are examples of LeadingEdge clients who do a great job in promoting the “Resources” (or “Resource Library”) sections of their respective websites:

Kudos to these fine tech vendors for making it easy for their prospects to locate their valuable content. And if your company is doing the same, then kudos to you, too. But if your company either doesn’t have a Resources section or doesn’t make it easy to find your Resources section, then what are you waiting for?

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