Content for corporate and product presentations, sales presentations, technical overview presentations,
keynote presentations, investor pitch decks, and more.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. Oftentimes, your prospects get their first impression of your company when attending onsite sales presentations or offsite educational seminars. Regardless of the topic, your presentations say a lot about who you are as a tech vendor and your distinctiveness in the marketplace.

Creating powerful presentations is both an art and a science. You need just the right amount of content that is specifically targeted to your audience, and that content must be displayed in a visually appealing way to capture and maintain your audience’s attention. Unfortunately, IT vendors frequently lack “presentation gurus.” Thankfully, LeadingEdge can help.

Our expert product marketing consultants create all kinds of presentations, including:

  • Core corporate presentations
  • Product overview presentations
  • CXO business benefits presentations
  • Technical overview presentations
  • Horizontal solution presentations
  • Vertical industry presentations
  • Regulatory compliance presentations
  • Webinar presentations
  • Seminar presentations
  • Keynote presentations
  • Competitive presentations
  • ROI / TCO presentations
  • CTO’s vision presentations
  • Supplemental slides
Creating Product Messaging That STANDS OUT

The Right Message for the Right Audience

Too many IT vendors fall into the “one size fits all” trap. They create a single presentation to be used for all audiences, regardless of technical experience or job role. LeadingEdge can help expand and maintain your library of presentations, ensuring your sales, marketing, and executive colleagues have the presentations they need at their fingertips.

Minimal Ramp-up Time

Our expert consults require little ramp-up time. They’re coming into your engagement with foundational knowledge of your IT industry segment and decades of marketing experience. They just need to be oriented to your company’s unique value proposition.

Your “Cake and Icing” Specialists

The “cake” is your presentation’s content. The “icing” is how the content is portrayed. Finding a contractor who is great at both is challenging at best. Fortunately, LeadingEdge has both cake and icing experts. Your primary interface will be a seasoned product marketing consultant who will develop the right content for your audience. He or she will work with a talented graphic designer behind the scenes to create any custom diagrams or imagery necessary to bring your presentation to life. Together, they’ll take your company’s presentations to a whole new level.


Need a custom graphic for your presentation? Or perhaps turn your presentation into an animated explainer video for your website? Click on any of these related LeadingEdge services to learn more:

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