Pocket Guides

Looking for small 4”x6” books to hand out at trade shows? Or perhaps eBooks on shorter, succinct topics? Well, look no further.

Pocket Guides are just like full-size books and eBooks, but smaller in size. They’re ideal to distribute in your booth at trade shows and for your sales team to hand out to customers during in-person meetings and seminars. And the eBooks make for excellent call-to-actions for digital marketing campaigns.

LeadingEdge’s Pocket Guide books and eBooks are a refreshing, cost-effective alternative to traditional publishers.

LeadingEdgeTraditional Publishers
Author technical subject matter expertise HighLow to medium
Book title exclusivity 2 YearsNone
Ability to sell book and eBook Yes
(additional cost)
eBook license duration Perpetual1 to 3 years
Ability to re-purpose manuscript content for white papers and blogs YesNo
Vendor-agnostic or vendor-specific manuscript content Vendor-agnostic or vendor specificVendor-agnostic
Ability to customize the cover to promote your company’s branding YesNo
Available in Kindle eBook Yes
(additional cost)
Available in Audiobook Yes
(additional cost)
Available in non-English languages Yes
(additional cost)
(additional cost)

LeadingEdge’s Pocket Guide books and eBooks can be created in about 3-4 months. They’re equally as professional and attractive as their national brand counterparts. In some instances, our books are even nicer as we print on brighter, higher-quality paper. But there are several other reasons why high-tech vendors are choosing LeadingEdge’s Pocket Guides over traditional publishers.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Custom Books & eBooks

Unsurpassed Subject Matter Expertise

Some traditional publishers contract with authors who are inexperienced in the high-tech industry segment that is the focus of the book. By the time you edit their manuscript drafts, you could have authored the book yourself! LeadingEdge is different. We only provide authors who have extensive technical subject matter expertise in your high-tech industry segment. Our authors average 15-20 years of experience.

Get More, Pay Less

Some traditional publishers charge an arm and a leg for their 1-3 year eBook licenses. Some force you to host your eBook on their website and redirect traffic to their site for downloads. LeadingEdge is different. Our eBook licenses are a fraction of the cost, and our perpetual eBook licenses never expire. And you have the freedom to host your eBook on your website or any website you please.

Optional Self-Authoring

Want to author your own Pocket Guide? No problemo. You’ll be assigned a LeadingEdge Managing Consultant to work with you to organize your manuscript, provide manuscript templates, and interface with our talented editor and graphic designer behind the scenes. We want to make the overall process as seamless as possible, whether you author the manuscript yourself or work with an experienced LeadingEdge author or co-authors.


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