Live Videos

On-site videography and post-production for customer videos, partner videos, founder(s) videos, product launch videos, and more.

Everybody’s different. Some are reading/writing learners who prefer to read product brochures and white papers. Some are auditory learners who actively listen to podcasts. And others are visual learners, who enjoy watching videos. Live videos, featuring humans rather than animations, is for the latter.

Producing live corporate videos is an effective way to communicate information about your IT market segment and your company’s products and/or services to visual learners. Tech vendors produce live videos and publish them to their websites for a variety of reasons:

  • Product / service overview
  • “What’s new?” video associated with a product launch
  • Customer case study interviews
  • CTO’s vision video
  • Founder(s) video, providing
  • “How to” videos

LeadingEdge has access to video content creator crews in all 50 U.S. states. (Sorry… not yet internationally.) We can produce top-notch one, two, and three-camera shoots at virtually any location. And our talented video editors can make your video shine in post-production, adding titling, music, and special effects.

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You’ll Save Considerable Time (and Money)

Your primary interface for your project will be a highly experienced LeadingEdge product marketing consultant with deep subject matter expertise in your IT industry segment. Your consultant will not only serve as your project manager, working with talented multimedia consultants behind the scenes, but will also play an active role in developing written content and making suggestions that affect the overall user experience. Thus, you won’t have to waste countless hours interfacing directly with a multimedia consultant who doesn’t understand IT trying to explain your company’s unique value proposition. In the end, you’ll save considerable time and your company’s money.

You’ll Spare Yourself Frustration

As LeadingEdge is laser-focused on serving IT vendors and service providers, and our product marketing consultants are equipped with deep subject matter expertise, reviewing iterations of interactive infographic is so much simpler. Plus, your LeadingEdge consultant reviews everything before you do. Unbeknownst to you, changes are usually made before you even see the content. This spares you potential frustration as your LeadingEdge interactive infographic will always hit the mark.

You’ll Achieve a Higher Quality Video

The quality of our interactive infographics is second to none. But the real difference is the quality of the content and the overall user experience. Since we already have subject matter expertise in your IT industry segment, your LeadingEdge interactive infographic will be far more compelling.


Have you given thought to creating an animated explainer video or whiteboard animation? Or perhaps an interactive infographic? Click on any of these related LeadingEdge services to learn more:

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