Key Economic Impact Reports

Create a LeadingEdge-branded report that gives your prospects insights into the return on investment they may achieve using your company’s product or service by learning how four of your customers achieved positive ROI in their environments.

Demonstrating a positive return on investment (ROI) and/or reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) to your prospects helps improve sales opportunity win rates and reduce sales cycle durations. And it provides comfort to your prospects that they’re making the right decision by acquiring your company’s product or service.

LeadingEdge’s Key Economic Impact Reports help your prospects gauge their potential ROI by learning from their peers. In this report, your prospects will learn:

  • The factors that affect ROI / TCO calculations
  • The average time it takes to recoup the initial investment in your product or service
  • Real-world ROI statistics from four of your customers (anonymous or by name)

By producing a Key Economic Impact Report with LeadingEdge, you’ll not only have a compelling sales tool that your sales team will love, but you’ll also have a better foundation for conveying ROI within your other sales tools, such as your company website, presentations, product brochures, white papers, customer case studies, and more. In other words, your LeadingEdge Key Economic Impact Report investment will achieve a phenomenal ROI for your company!

Key Economic Impact Report

Produced by ROI Experts

In addition to working with a highly experienced LeadingEdge marketing consultant to author your report, you’ll first work with a separate LeadingEdge ROI consultant to develop a spreadsheet-based ROI calculator. Once completed, this spreadsheet will be used by the LeadingEdge marketing consultant when interviewing four of your customers to help gauge their specific ROI by using your company’s product or service.

LeadingEdge’s ROI consultants are 100% dedicated to creating ROI calculators and related sales prospecting tools. In other words, that’s all they do! They don’t create white papers, eBooks, or research reports like our marketing consultants. These expert consultants only build ROI-based sales tools and will bring a field-proven methodology and a fresh perspective into every engagement.

Leverage Your LeadingEdge Investment

Creating a LeadingEdge Key Economic Impact Report affords you two additional ways to leverage your existing LeadingEdge investment. First, the initial step in creating a Key Economic Impact Report is to create a spreadsheet-based ROI calculator to model all of the inputs and ROI calculations associated with your company’s specific product or service. This is a separate deliverable associated with your Key Economic Impact Report project and is provided at no additional charge. The spreadsheet can be used by your salespersons, sales engineers, and channel partners during consultative sales meetings, whether conducted online or in person.

Second, once your Key Economic Impact Report is completed, you can purchase a LeadingEdge web-based ROI calculator at a significant discount. This helps your website visitors assess how they can achieve a positive ROI by using your company’s product or service.


After your Key Economic Impact Report is finished, perhaps consider ways to help your prospects gauge their specific ROI? Click on the link below to learn more:

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