Content for blogs on a variety of business and technical subjects, including hot topics of the day, industry topics, compliance topics, product topics, company announcements, and more.

A company’s blog is often the Achille’s heal of IT vendor marketing organizations. Your social media team is constantly looking for new content to promote and your sales people want new content to forward to their customers and prospects. The challenge is that your internal subject matter experts are spread very thin and/or your existing contractors aren’t technical enough.

Relax… we’ve got your back. We develop blogs on a myriad of topics, including:View sample blog posts in our portfolio

  • New year predictions
  • Conference key take-aways
  • Product announcements
  • Company announcements
  • Customer case studies
  • Research study insights
  • Comments related to topics of the day
  • Product use cases
  • Regulation changes
  • “How to” tips and tricks
  • Tips for getting started
  • Third-party integration tips
  • Ways to reduce TCO
  • CTO’s vision for the future
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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your B2B Tech Content
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Your Personal Blog Factory

Whether you need help with just one blog, or developing blog content on a monthly basis, LeadingEdge is here to support you. Consider us your personal blog factory!

Minimal Ramp-up Time

LeadingEdge’s veteran product marketing consultants average 15-20 years of experience developing content for IT vendor marketing teams. They all have extensive experience writing about technology, and they have foundational knowledge of virtually every IT industry segment, including security, networking, virtualization, storage, mobile, cloud, and more.

Our expert consults require little ramp-up time. They’re coming into your engagement with foundational knowledge of your IT industry segment. They just need to be oriented to your company’s unique value proposition.

Right the First Time

A common frustration IT vendors often have when working with non-technical contractors is lengthy and painful review cycles. In some cases, they make so many edits that it would have been easier to write the blog in-house in the first place! With LeadingEdge, your review cycles will be quick and easy. As our consultants already have technical foundations, edits are typically minimal.


Need a custom graphic for your blog? Or perhaps a companion infographic? Or maybe there’s enough substance in your blog to merit a white paper? Click on any of these related LeadingEdge services to learn more:

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